And then there were Five…truly

And then there were truly five. And it is a pregnancy announcement this time! Hooray! (Laura, I had already written this when you commented…that’s so funny, hahaha!)  Yes, I’m serious.  And yes, they were hints.  🙂

I was going to announce it last week when the pregnancy test came back faintly but definit, but I couldn’t find a decent picture of a bun in an oven. And I thought I’d wait a week, just in case. Devo suggested waiting until after the first trimester before making a general announcement, since that is what we did last time. But that was a special post-miscarriage circumstance. So this time we are stepping out in faith and announcing it to our family and friends and beyond into the general blogosphere:


Besides, I told him, I really want to blog about it. How lame would it be skirting around the most important thing happening to me for the next three months? And how many times could I start a post with “I’m so tired all the time” or “I puked again today” before someone caught on? At least now you can humor me and all of my pregnant whims.

No, I’m not going to be a wimp this time, and I will take care not to whine too often. And if I do, I’ll try to temper it with a little cheese.

I have nodded courteously in the direction of the introduction to soon-pervading exhaustion, just to acknowledge it’s presence. I am taking my prenatals courageously, even though they made me sick through my entire pregnancy with Amelie. And I am steadfastly ignoring my pregnant version of hypochondria. I am not nauseous. I am not debilitatingly tired. I am not waddling. I am not starving all the time. I am not getting rounder.

Well, actually, I am getting rounder. Four weeks into it and rounding already. I guess that’s what happens on Round 4. So I’m celebrating by throwing out, burying, or burning all paraphenalia that contains toned, lithe, thin, or hard images. I’m papering my walls with pictures of things that are round. And soft. And possibly swollen, to prepare me for looking at my face in the mirror towards the end of this adventure. This is my future, I will embrace it wholeheartedly.

Approximate due date is April 19. That means that currently I am five and a half weeks along. And my sesame seed baby is sprouting arm and leg buds this week. Already it has a little tiny heart! Incredible!

Lia has been very very cute about it. She’s been telling me for some time that about “when our new baby is born”. The day we found out that I was pregnant, Lia told me a number of times through the day, “Mommy, I’m so glad you are pregnant!” And accompanied it by a little hug or a sweet kiss. Now she talks to me about the baby in her tummy. She tells the baby good morning and good night. It’s so sweet…


7 thoughts on “And then there were Five…truly

  1. I’m glad you have announced. Liana has begged to tell “just one friend, I have to tell someone” and I have firmly held, not until Leilani says it’s ok. We can tell people now!! Congratulations Lia! (since she has a baby in her tummy too!)

    Congratulations to the whole family and especially to the little mommy. A bump already. Twins?!?!??!!?

  2. I am so happy for you! Congratulations!! I love the photos that you used for the announcement. You are so clever! God bless you in your pregnancy. I will be here to listen to anything you need to say about it. My ears are open….So happy for you!

  3. 🙂 Another wee one! Oh goodie goodie!!! Congrats Congrats Congrats….if you have twins I want a girl AND a boy. I think you should name this child Gwen of course if it’s a boy that name would get him picked on…that wouldn’t be good….bun in the oven…Ha hahahah…i am babbling…but it’s excited babbling! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

  4. Hey! congratulations!!!! I’m a little shell-shocked but ecstatically happy for you guys:) another little person to love – so special:) we’ll have to get together sometime to celebrate!

  5. I think it makes it extra special when the big sister is so excited about a new baby! You’re certainly raising a sweet, compassionate child. Yay for you and Devo!

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