While helping Lia in the bathroom this weekend.

Lia: Mommy, why do boys pee standing up.

Mommy: You mean pee-pee?

Lia: Yeah, pee-pee.

Mommy: Because they have a penis.

Lia: Why do girls sit down?

Mommy: Because of the positioning of their urinary tract opening?

Lia, informatively: Girls have a China.


Mommy: You mean, a vagina.

Lia: Yes, a vagina. That’s so cute. (She thinks for a moment). I want to call it an Indian.


5 thoughts on “China

  1. WOW. I have a lot to look forward to when Peter starts talking, don’t I? Seems to me maybe girls are more curious/talkative in general…yours are especially adorable. 🙂

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