Kimi’s Quilt

My cousin Lea  wrote that she finished a quilt she had been working on and that reminded me that I never  finished the post about the quilt I made.  I had mentioned it briefly and uploaded the pictures …and then promptly forgot all about it.

Here it is, the very first quilt I designed, sewed, and finished all by myself.  I designed and sewed and finished a Hawaiian print quilt when I was in highschool, but that was with my Grandma directing the process every step of the way and being on call to rethread bobbins, pick out errant stitches, and generally keep me on task.  Aren’t Grandmas great? 

I doubled the padding.   I can’t remember at the moment what the real word for the fluffy stuff in a quilt is.  I’ll conveniently blame it on pregnant brain.  And then I quilted it in large squares.  It is very poofy.  And very pretty.  And it looks remarkably like a baby’s crib quilt.

Which is what I told Kimi and Kayla when we went to deliver it.  They nodded.  So I added that I had been tempted to keep it.  They nodded again.  So Lia told them that we are having another baby.  At which point the room erupted in screams and squeals of  “I knew it!” and “I thought it was a hint, but I didn’t want to say anything!”  Screaming is always an acceptable way of responding to a pregnancy announcement.

This quilt has had a long journey.  I started it almost two years ago.  It was intended as a blanket for while Kimi was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  I had almost finished the top within a week of quiet evenings with Lia sleeping peacefully and my big round stomach to keep me company.  And BBC’s Pride and Prejudice.

And then, before Christmas, I came down with a horrible case of the stomach flu.  On the day of my Children’s Choir Christmas program.  Set up three chairs, run to bathroom and puke.  Set up three more chairs, run to bathroom and puke.  I ended up handing over the program to someone else and spending my evening with the IV pole in the hospital.

Anyhow, tales of woe aside, once I got better I was in my third trimester.  And then I had a newborn.  And then I had a baby and a toddler.  And then, and then, and then…  Two years later I got it back out again and finished it within 2 hours.

So it really is a labor of love.  And long labor of love.


6 thoughts on “Kimi’s Quilt

  1. You are so talented!…I can’t believe that you and my sister are going to have almost matching babies!!!!…see my dreams are right 😉

  2. It is SO beautiful. I would excitedly say “I’m going to try that!” But it would only end up with all the scraps in some box under a table just like my great scrap booking venture.

  3. Gorgeous! I only have the top finished on mine…and it was done for a baby shower, so I had people submit squares…but I will send pics, I promise. When I get bored from re-sorting cross stitch threads. No worries, I still love my puppy…

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