It’s Official

First trimesteritis has officially hit.


I was actually getting a little worried at the lack of symptoms.  Or, rather, the lack of severity of the symptoms.  So worried, in fact, I actually went and got another pregnancy test.  Just to make sure.  (It was positive…and reassuringly right away).

But as of about Thursday (6 weeks pregnant) I am always slightly nauseous unless eating.  And then nauseous because I ate.  Obviously this is a no-win situation.  My vitamins have begun disagreeing with me unless I take them in the middle of a meal.  My theory is that if I have food in my stomach already and then put food on top of the vitamins, my stomach won’t realize that they are there.  Not scientific, but it seems to work.

And the Exhaustion Meter is rapidly approaching 10 out of 10.  That was actually one of my first inklings that I was pregnant.  I was in my yoga class and suddenly and inexplicably I was hit by a weird, but very familiar exhaustion.  I wimped out on the rest of the class and hid in Child’s Pose whenever I could.

Pregnancy exhaustion is so weird.  So unlike any other form of being tired.  I am developing a love-hate relationship with inertia.  Just keep going, I tell myself.  Forward!  Onward!  Upward!  (Those exclamation points are way too peppy.)  Because heaven knows what will happen if I stop before the day is done…

Well, it took me about 10 minutes to formulate that last paragraph.  Obviously it’s time to succumb.  Let us all just hope that tonight, for once, my brain will not be going at ludicrous speed.


4 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I’m Exhausted. I easily succumb to inertia. Law of physics: it takes more energy to overcome inertia than it does to keep going. Oh, really! And by the way, at 80 yrs. I’m pretty sure i’m NOT pg. So why am I so totally wiped out?

    Love Grandma

  2. Me too! Good thing my furry ones (almost) always vote for naps with me. Which is only acceptable because my only children thus far (besides bean) are of the 4 legged type and don’t have to be watched 24/7. I don’t know how it works with children 2 and beyond – I am scared of it now!!

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