Imagine That, I AM a Theologian

My long time friend/more like cousin, Trisha, recently posted Imagine That, I AM a Domestic Goddess.  It made me laugh because we are experiencing the two sides of the spectrum.

She is completing her MA in Philosophy and Ph.D in Philosophy of Religion and Theology.  Obviously one smart and educated cookie.

I, on the other hand, am enrolled in an intensive course in Domestic Goddesshood.  I even wear an apron.  When I remember to.

Trisha realizes that her academic prowess does not exempt her from domestic joys.

Leilani realizes that being at home with small children does not exempt or excuse her from studying.

So Trisha makes delicious desserts (the last one I had was a brownie with peppermint patties melted on the top…oh heaven).  And I read Marcus Borg.  And Trisha makes teriyaki gluten.  And I learn about the historical-metaphorical approach to reading/studying/understanding the Bible.

Lately I’ve heard about several people who were lauded for their lifetime of study.  One degree after another.  After another.  After another.  And I thought, I think I’ve got the better deal.  I get to study whatever subject I choose.  No papers to write unless I want to.  No deadlines.  No classes I don’t want to take but have to for the degree.  Just a big wide world awaiting me.

Maybe by the time I’m 45 I will be knowledgable and articulate.  Or maybe I will just have a very vast inner landscape and understanding and remain inarticulate.

Laura, my blogging friend, has recently undertaken to (among other things) study algebra.  She just finished the algebra 1 book (!!!!) and is aiming to finish a-2 by Christmas.

I find this to be very funny.  Laura, married to an engineer, studies math.  Leilani, married to a pastor, studies theology.



One thought on “Imagine That, I AM a Theologian

  1. If only we could be more like our husbands. 🙂 I’m glad we somehow find time for a bit of ‘more than one thing’ (couldn’t quite write ‘everything’) in our lives!

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