The Week in Pictures

Well, kind of the week.  With a few extras.  Alot of the pictures from the last few days are still on my camera patiently waiting for me to make space on the hard drive.

At “Uncle Dan’s”.  Somehow we’ve gotten to enjoy the hospitality of Dan and Wanda in what I call their “Garden of Eden”.  Uncle Dan is Lia’s new best friend.  He really had his hands full this week when he had his little 3 year old granddaughter (fittingly named “Eden”) AND Lia to adore him and demand his full attention.  He loved it.  Even Amelie has made friends with him now.

Lia and Amelie playing Starfall.  Thanks to Starfall, Lia can now recognize Scott Joplin, Tchaikovsky, and Mozart.

In their new South African clothes from Ouma.  They looked like little dancing sprites.  Thank you, Ouma!

Amelie deigning to share her chocolate chip cookie with Auntie Chris.  Not shown from our annual summer get-together with them…homemade pizza with fresh pesto (using basil from our garden!), many games of Pacman, and swimming.

Auntie Chris playing the Bridal March for Lia the Bride.  They have a great dress-up box.


Amelie smiles.

Amelie frowns.  This face is remarkably similar to her praying face.

The girls’ new play corner in the garden.  Devo had the bright idea to clear out the area behind the tree.  They fill the child-sized wheelbarrow with water and “paint” pictures on the wall behind.  And paint each other.  The goatee was the result of not-entirely-clandestine snacking, but not shown are the hieroglyphics on her back, courtesy of Lia.  Also not shown are the pictures of two little girls enjoying our new sprinkler fancy free.

Lia’s first manicure and pedicure.  With Amelie’s help.


4 thoughts on “The Week in Pictures

  1. My beautiful girls! And one handsome man! The pool is my ideal. Bali (my earth vision of Garden of Eden) pool. Perfect. When I win the lottery!

    Lia is a beautiful bride. And Amelie is never happier than “working” in the garden!


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