Politics from a Parent’s view

I’m going out on a limb here and am going to talk politics.  Just a leetle.  You can be assured that it won’t happen often.  I like to keep my friends.

Funny thing is, I find that I am more apt to be open-minded about someone’s religious views than someone’s political views.  Maybe that’s because I view politics as the working out of faith and understanding.  Or maybe it’s because I figure that God can defend Himself, but the poor can’t.

But on to politics!  A very watered down, tongue in cheek version.

I’ve always said that if someone is going to be great or do great things in whatever field (pastor, politician, academician, writer, etc etc etc), someone is going to pay the price for it.  And it’s most likely going to be the spouse or the children.  Or both.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, great people shouldn’t have children.  Or should work at being great only after their children are grown.

Great logic, I know.

But if you’ve ever had a workaholic in your family, you know what I’m talking about.  And if you’ve ever had to make a decision between your work and your child, you know what I’m talking about.

The announcement of mom Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP has all the mom blogs a buzzin’.  Mom of 5, oldest daughter of whom is pregnant, youngest child of whom has Down Syndrome.

Now, I think that Sarah Palin is just darn cool.  Exciting.  Fresh.  Unexpected.  And I wish that Obama had made a similar choice.  (Sorry, Biden is just a little boring in an otherwise exciting and entertaining race.)  I really expected better from Obama.  Or more exciting.  Or a woman.  For goodness sakes, man, we finally have a chance to have an African-American for president.  Might as well upturn the entire apple cart and put a woman in there, too!

But back to Sarah Palin.  Who looks remarkably like Sally Field.

Is this really a good time to be advancing her political career?

And what about Obama and his little child who wanted to know what city he was in.  Is this really a good time for him to be advancing his political career?  I know that people want to invest in their careers before having children, but maybe he should have done it the other way around.

The bottom line is that I cannot vote for either Obama or Palin with a good conscience.  They are parents of young children who need their time, their energy, their investment, and their consistent presence.

Therefore, I have to vote for McCain and Biden.


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