Yoga Warrior

Well, when you eat all the time, it’s bound to show up somewhere.  As of yesterday, all that nausea-reducing snacking has begun to make itself known.  A little snugness here, a little extra jiggling there.  And no exercise over the weekend.

So I walked to yoga today.  And I was the Yoga Warrior.  Usually I am the Yoga Wimp.  Maybe it was that hunk of fried gluten in my dinner sandwich that gave me Strength and Power.  Maybe it was the blood-letting at my dental cleaning appointment today.  (My gums always bleed when I’m pregnant. And apparently I salivate more than usual, too, by the constant use of “Mr. Thirsty” the suction thing.  Or maybe my hygienist was just feeling suction happy.)  Maybe it was sheer force of inertia building up over the day.

Whatever it was, it was good.

Our teacher often encourages us to “set our intention” at the beginning of class.  Some sort of intention to keep at the front of your mind as you practice.  My pregnant intention has been to be in my body.  Which may sound esoteric, but it’s not really.  It’s more visceral.  I want to know my body as it is and as it changes.  To know it as a part of the creating of life.

I’m sure that I’ll go back to being Yoga Wimp on Thursday. But that’s okay, as long as I can embrace wimp-hood and still pay attention to my body and what’s going on with it.


One thought on “Yoga Warrior

  1. Even if Yoga wimp – at list you are yoga-ing, not vegetating. Good job keeping up with the exercise even when so tired!

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