Today, Tomorrow


Breakfast.  PBJ and ovaltine.

Set up greenhouse for transplanting winter vegetables in the loft.  Swiss chard, kale, sweet peas, leeks, bok choy, oriental cabbage, chinese broccoli.  Exercise faith.

Shop at Henry’s.  Buy new prenatal vitamins.  Discover later that it may be 90 pills for $30, but you have to take three a day.  A dollar a day keeps the baby growing. Buy healthy snacks.  Buy seventh generation chlorine-free diapers because we ran out of diapers last Friday and have been putting Amelie in size 2 diapers.  Only 4 days until I can go to costco.

Meet Jane and kids at water park.  Playdate ends in dissolved children. Counsel Lia in Josephian method of fleeing from temptation.  In this case, temptation to shove.

Lunch.  Hotdogs while finishing “The Philadelphia Story”.  Cry over beautiful ending.  Blame it on hormones.

Nurse Amelie for second and last time of day.  Weaning is going well.  Too well for hormonal mother.

Naps for children.

Sketch out possible recital.  Choose favorite German lieder, French songs.  Get sidetracked watching Teresa Berganza sing de Falla on youtube.

Talk to Mom and Dad and Sister.  Hear all about middle school girls basketball.

Fold laundry and put all away except a small pile of girl clothes.

Chop vegetables for dinner’s potluck contribution–Greek salad.  Listen to Barbara Bonney sing Barber’s Hermit songs.  Sing along and wonder what church people would think of the text where the person wishes he could give Jesus a keg of beer.

Children awaken too soon.  Grumpy.

Talk to Mom again as children find their happy selves.

Finish making Greek salad.

Shower, dress, comb hair of resident females.

Resident male returns from the marts of trade.

Walk to Pastor Dan’s house for pastor’s dinner potluck.  Long uphill climb to counterbalance gestational snacking.

Eat delicious vege meatloaf.  Schmooz.

Walk home in the cool evening.

Let Lia swish with new flouride wash.  Bubblegum flavor, yum.

Put Amelie in jammies and clean chlorine-free diaper.  Hug, kiss, and generally lavish love and affection on children.

Document day and general praise-worthy forward motion on blog.

Wonder why I’m not sleeping instead.






5 thoughts on “Today, Tomorrow

  1. You’re awesome. My energy seems to be coming back…but was wasted spending 3 hours in the vets office. The diaper discussion made me wonder – your thoughts on cloth diapers?

  2. I am really amazed that you have lasted so long in going to Costco. I am not sure we could do that. I just don’t have enough storage to buy for a month. Wow! I am amazed!

  3. 3 a day? I could barely keep down 1 a day…course I couldn’t keep anything down….poor thing! I am thinking of and praying for you!

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