What Does This Say?

Here it is in blistering September and I’m cold.  Usually.  Except for the times that I’m hot.

There is definitely something going on with my internal thermostat.  I know it has been messed up since I was a baby and my mother had to bundle me in multiple layers.  During the summer.  Blessedly, none of my children (yet) have had this particular problem because they would surely freeze.  I’m not good at remembering things like jackets.  Or blankets.  Which has worked out well with two children who are perpetually warm and casting off clothing at every opportunity.

I have been sleeping with socks on.  And an extra blanket.  And taking a hot shower right before bed to warm me up.

And I’m craving soup.  Specifically my mom’s stew (send recipe ASAP!).  Because I have a large tub of cottage cheese in my fridge.

From Costco.  <collective gasp>  I confess, I’ve been there twice.  But ONLY to buy fresh foods that are significantly cheaper there.  I have bought nothing that is not fresh.  I swear it on my holy mother’s broom.  But this week I will return and shop gloriously.  Batteries, diapers, toilet paper, here I come!

And I’ve been sewing double-thickness quilts.

So I’m just curious.  What do we think this portends for this baby?  A penchant for Artic-like temperatures, roaring fires, and comfort food?  Or exactly the opposite–will this baby be a sun worshipping island child?

Or is the boding only for me…does this spell frost bite during Southern California’s upcoming bitter <snort> winter?


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