Other Funnies

Thinking of Lia brought to mind other funny things she’s been saying.

She has an imaginary friend.  His name is Johnson.  She talks to him on the phone (actually an archaic ipod that the girls get many happy hours of play out of).  He’s in London.  He speaks Spanish.

Devo: “Why does he speak Spanish if he’s in London?”

Lia: “He’s from Mexico.  But his mother lives in London.”

Smart girl.

And now Amelie has an imaginary friend, supplied by Lia.  His name is Olag.  And he lives in Russia.  So whenever Amelie is talking on her (ipod) phone, we know that she’s talking to Olag.  But Olag and Johnson don’t know each other.

Mommies and Pappies give each other “swabbely kisses”.  (That would be “slobbery kisses”.  Don’t laugh.)  And Lia is going through that phase where she’s eager to imitate swabbely kisses.  I never know when my head is going to be grabbed and I’ll find an intense face, head at an angle, aiming for mine, mouth wide open.  It’s a little frightening.

Of course, there are still the “Olympsticks”.

And when something is really wild, really exciting, it’s “crazable”.


5 thoughts on “Other Funnies

  1. Hi I am Afrikaans but will try to write in English.
    I like reading your blog even thought I have just heard about it. Your kiddies sound sweet and they look beautifull!!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought you might find this amusing… a friend of mine told me this story about her children. True, I promise… Her son takes piano lessons and she tells her daughter ‘your brother is a pianist’. Her daughter smiles excitedly. ‘Then I’m a punkitist mommy.’ Mom: No, honey. No you’re not. …. of course, the little girl can’t understand why she can’t be a punkitist… and after all, why can’t she be?

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