How I’m Feeling – Going on Week 9

That’s the first thing everybody asks–“how are you feeling?”  It’s such a nice, caring question, being that it is a subject that takes up most of my early pregnancy existence.

I think I’m going on week 9, if the dates and all are correct.  Baby is looking like a baby now, not a flap of tissue.

Let’s see, how am I feeling?






Two weeks ago I smugly thought that nobody could guess I was pregnant because I was so energetic.  Now I feel that it’s written all over my face and my body.  The dragging, cross-eyed with exhaustion, drooping pregnant state.  I always wonder how on earth people can hide pregnancies, even from the people closest to them.  Either they are really good at ignoring exhaustion or their closest people aren’t very observant.  Or something.

I’m developing a little tummy.  It’s so cute.  And I’m sure that it’s so small that only Devo and I would notice it and affirm it as “showing”, but it is definitely sticking out much farther than a month ago.  I’ve taken to wearing tighter shirts just for the joy of looking down and seeing a little tiny baby tummy.

I’ve considered taking weekly pictures to show, but I neglected to take a “before” picture for comparison.  Dumb.  And I can’t figure out what I’d wear.  Life’s biggest questions are dealt with here.

I am also feeling cold.  Still.  My grandma suggested that maybe my thyroid levels had changed, so I went in this week for a blood test.  Sure enough!  My TSH had risen from a happy and healthy 0.41 in March to a still in normal range, but high for me 2.7.  So I’m hoping that I can convince the doctor to increase my dose of thyroid.  Maybe it will help with the tiredness, too.

And I’m feeling sick.  Wow, sounds like I’m pregnant.  (The doctor also ordered a pregnancy urine test when I went to the lab and it turns out…I’m pregnant.  Wow, didn’t know.)  In fact, I’m off to eat a little something in a minute because apparently lunch’s delicious spaghetti has been digested and my stomach is in rebellion.

The lunch spaghetti at the Cortez’ house was really delicious, by the way.  It was a basic spaghetti sauce, plus a third water or so.  Plus finely chopped onions and tomatoes.  Plus italian seasoning.  Plus crumbled Grillers.  And then you cook it for a long time until the Grillers are tender and everything has fallen apart and melded together.  I’m sure it won’t be so good when I try to make it, but it DOES sound easy.

I am also wondering if life is really like being a hamster on a wheel.  This Herculean effort to get through a day, whether successfully or otherwise, really accents the repetitive nature of life.  Wake up, do a certain number of tasks that are the same day to day or year to year, go to bed.  Tomorrow, repeat.

See, that’s the problem with school.  It really ruins you for the rest of your life.  School is so time and goal oriented.  And real life isn’t.

And that’s what I think about that.



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