The Week in Pictures

Apparently didn’t take too many pictures this week.  I just downloaded all the pictures off of all the cards, so this travesty won’t happen again.

German Pancakes.  Very good for pregnant women.  Lots of eggs = lots of protein.  Lots of lemon syrup = lots of happiness.

Lia’s first dental cleaning.  No cavities.  Phew!  She was really funny during the whole thing.  She made the funny, impish little faces.  She loved “Mr. Thirsty”, and the mirror, and the polishing toothpaste.  Wasn’t so keen on the flouride, despite the yummy bubblegum taste.  I was very proud of her and proud of the compliments we got on her healthy, clean teeth.  (I scrubbed them with a washcloth before we went…it works so much better than a toothbrush.)

Strollers and books…what better way to see the world.

At a new public water park.

Stylin’ Amelie.  Please note her favorite hat, the chic Seventh Generation chlorine-free diaper, the single tap shoe, and, of course her fairy wand…the egg beater.

Playing in the garden last night before small groups.  Wearing the ‘matching’ outfits from Ouma.  Very very very cute.  (Thank you, Ouma!  I’m trying to get pictures of most of the clothes you sent so that you can see them.)


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