Once a Month Shopping, Shopping #2

If you’ve noticed, I have finally relieved the sidebar of the Costco ticker.  That’s right, I’ve done my Costco shopping now.  I waited until Thursday, the day the coupons became valid.  Never go shopping at Costco on the same day the coupons come out.

I didn’t know this because I’ve never been organized (or desperate) enough before to use my coupons on the first day.  I know this now, and I am still grateful that my children didn’t have a complete meltdown in the 25 minute line.

I am also grateful that their mother didn’t have a complete meltdown in the 25 minute line.

I was not grateful for the total on the receipt.  I saw that it was 3/4 of my entire month’s approximate grocery budget and just about fell over.  And then I looked again and realized that I had also bought several things of vitamins, winter jackets for the girls, and a number of other non-grocery items.  So now everything is hunky dory with the grocery budget again.

I am not sold on this once a month shopping thing.  But I realize that I’ve only been doing it for one month (and two shoppings).  So I’m going to give it a three month trial before handing down full judgment.

But, see, I had thought that it would greatly reduce my shopping and driving time.  And it just doesn’t.  I still have to get fresh foods during the month.  And gas.  And things like fresh bread for Friday nights.  So I still visit almost every store almost every week.  There has got to be a better way.


3 thoughts on “Once a Month Shopping, Shopping #2

  1. I have found that shopping once a mount just doesn’t work for me. I work 7-5 so I still find myself in the store’s every Sunday buying something I need for the week ahead. So I do my shopping weekly. And I know how it feels to do shopping on coupon day. We don’t have coupons in South Africa, BUT we do have samba and you don’t I repeat DON`T go shopping on the day samba opens. You stand in a queue for at least an hour.

  2. I can relate to this. I have to shop weekly too — Sunday works best, but sometimes I take my babe during the day. Especially if we’re eating something like stir-fry, I need the vegies fresh. For me, the most critical thing is being organized. Like, first a menu, then a grocery list…:)

    Off topic — looks like you’re getting into Janette Oke! I can’t count how many of her books I read during pregnancy. It was comforting somehow.

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