Lia’s First Ballet Class

Lia had her first ballet class today.  I don’t know who was more excited, Lia or Mommy.  I was certainly a little envious when we went yesterday to buy her little leotard and tights and slippers.  My mom said that she would buy me my own ballet clothes, isn’t that sweet.  Just imagine that.  Me pregnant in a leotard hopping around.

Lia is sooooooooo cute in her little ballet clothes and her twinkling eyes. I just could hardly stand it.

Devo and Amelie came along for the first class.  We decided that Amelie will not be going to many ballet classes.  She will stay home where she can play and touch things and shriek to her heart’s content.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the first time we have put Lia in anything organized (other than Sabbath School), I have joined youtube.  Because grandparents need to see this.  And it can’t wait until we burn a DVD and send it to them in the year 2015.

We will be working on how to raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking.  And our lefts and rights.  (Maybe Devo should teach her those…I’ve never been entirely accurate.)  And how to point your toes out in first position.

Lia is in a spaghetti strap leotard, with her brown hair in a bun.  In the first clip she is at the far end.  I would like you to take special note of her “pose” at the very end.


6 thoughts on “Lia’s First Ballet Class

  1. This is great! Oh to have a girl…I wonder what the boy equivalent would be?? Lia is very talented and enjoys a ‘pose’ here and there (quite often, I noticed). Thanks for sharing this video from a proud mama!

  2. Boy equivalent – some people might think football or soccer, hmm… good and active but not nearly dirty or greasy enough, perhaps small engine repair. I’ll get Peter signed up right away.

  3. I want my own little ballerina girls:) I hope I one day have little girls – they are so much fun! Disney Princesses, Sound of Music, dress-up, ballet … oh the life!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing the first class video. I always think of Lia as my dancing little princess. Enjoyed her dancing so much when you were here on holiday. I’m sick of longing for my American Family.

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