It’s a BABY!!!

Lookee, it’s really a BABY!!!  Baby is facing us, head off to the left top corner.  You can see a little arm waving down towards to the bottom.

This picture is not very clear, although during the ultrasound we could see fairly clearly.  Even Lia could point out the head and see the beating heart.  The baby only gave one little squirm for us, despite my poking and prodding.

Baby measures 2.2 centimeters.  Barely an inch and already looking like a baby.  See, there is the waving arm again.  These measurements put me at 8 weeks, 6 days yesterday, so that means 9 weeks today.  That pushed the due date back a few days to April 24, which I was expecting.  Not that a due date matters, anyhow.  I prefer to think of it as “mid to late April”.

It’s so nice to know that there really is a baby causing all of this fuss and bother.


10 thoughts on “It’s a BABY!!!

  1. “zzzcc3ASAZE3Szacxz” that was Abby typing how excited she is for you!

    Thank you for sharing! How fast was his (I think you should have a boy.) heart beating?

    🙂 I am so happy for you…and I LOVE the pictures!

  2. Oh…and I think that ultra sound picture needs to go with the rest of the family over —–> ( on the picture side of the blog)

  3. Wow! My next sweet grandbaby! I never can make out the ultrasound. When they point out this or that part, it’s like ok, I think I see it. But I can see there definitely is a sweet baby there! that is so cool you and Lea are 6 weeks apart!

  4. Good Point Guam Grandma! Does Lea know what she is having yet? Perhaps her friend from London (was it London) will tell us!

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