So goes time by…

I was walking to yoga last night and noticed that the university campus (where my class is held) was buzzing and teeming with life.  Oh yeah, school starts this week.

And I indulged in a walk down memory lane back to MY first day here at college.  Moving into the dorm.  Eating in the cafeteria. My first quarter’s load of classes: calculus, biology, music theory, brass methods, Being Human in Three Cultures (that was a lame class).  Meeting people.  My first voice lesson.

And then it hit me.  I started college here exactly ten years ago.

That’s weird.

Has it really been ten years?  10 YEARS?!?!?!?!

Do I LOOK ten years older than the incoming freshman?  Just because Maruja, the elderly greeter at my door at church, still thinks I’m a high schooler doesn’t mean it’s true.  It’s been a long time since people have thought I was younger (or older) than I really am.

Yikes.  Ten years.

What have I been doing all these years?  I spent three and a half of them finishing up college.  And a year at home.  And a year working on a master’s degree.  And four years being a mother.  And almost six years being a wife.  And more than six years (and counting) paying off all that education.

Why am I still here in Southern California?  I know now…it’s because I swore during those years in college that I would never ever ever choose to live in smoggy, crowded, busy, desert-y Southern California.

My grandma says I shouldn’t swear.

What did I think I’d be doing ten years down the line when I moved here for college?  I probably thought I’d be a doctor.  <snort>  And I would be, too…if I’d followed Plan A.  I should be just getting ready to start a family…having now gotten through all the necessary doctor education. If I was able to find a husband in medical school.

So I guess I’m ahead.  Because I’m going on Child #3 instead of just getting started.

And I’m glad I’m not a doctor.

Weird, weird, weird.  And all you people who’ve already gotten past the 10 year markers, don’t mock me for my innocence and juvenility…you know it’s weird.

And all you people who haven’t reached any 10 year markers, your time is coming.


4 thoughts on “So goes time by…

  1. I walked into the engineering department (engineers require toys, they have the best in town) the other day wearing a backpack and school clothes. I asked the secretary if I fooled her, she said, “Nice Try.” At least she still remembers me… I hope that makes me famous rather than infamous.

  2. Would I go back? Well, I certainly could re-learn some of the lessons I learned in college! And there is not enough loneliness to learn them with small children around. I would not go back to my sense of style. I would not want to go back to the incredible amount of work and pressure from 20+ units per quarter. Nope, I think I worked hard enough for those years to last me a lifetime. I think I like motherhood better, but I’m glad to have done it once!

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