It’s All Okay

I just wanted to let you know that Amelie is doing well.  Babies are highly resilient and highly ingenuous.  She gets around by walking on her knees. And only occasionally does that limitation frustrate her enough to be worthy of comment (Mommy, up!).

When I replaced her bandage this evening (my love of gore and bandaids finds its usefulness in motherhood) I saw that she now has one big blister across the pad of each foot.  But no redness.  And the little blisters on the toes are going down.  She doesn’t like to step on her feet, but she doesn’t flinch or comment when her feet get bumped, so I don’t think she’s in very much pain.  Blessedly.

Devo was at his office around noon today and touched the concrete where she burnt her feet.  It was so hot that just a touch burned his finger.

Just so nobody is worrying.  And Janeen, our small family emergencies are definitely not a reason for you not to travel the world.  I hope you see a kangaroo while you’re in Australia.  !!!  And the Sydney opera house.


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