A Last Word

We’re heading off on Thursday to Sacramento for National Youth Worker’s Convention.  (Check out the schedule for Sacramento and see all the fun things we get to do!)  We’ve gone every year and it’s always inspiring and usually rejuvenating.  This year we’re taking a bunch of people with us, so it should be even more fun (and probably less relaxing) than ever before!

Despite Devo’s desire to drive, we’re sticking with our first (and probably smartest) idea and are flying.  Our children just don’t do well driving.  I know that other parents think that we’re doing something wrong, but we’ve tried all of the tricks that work for their angelic children and they don’t work on ours.  🙂

But we really would like to see the redwoods and Monterey Bay aquarium.  And Devo’s never been to San Fransisco.

Another time, perhaps.

Our children DO fly well.

Resounding silence over the next week or so is not a reflection on anything significant.  Just so you know.  🙂  See you when we get back!


5 thoughts on “A Last Word

  1. Hear, hear, Laura! We’ll miss you for sure, but will definitely pray for your rejuvenation and inspiration. Good travelling coming your way!

  2. I hope Lia is feeling better by Thursday. she was so sweet when she called today. “Grandma, I’m sick” Grandma just wanted to jump on the plane and come hold her girl! Hope no one else gets the bug. Enjoy your break away!

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