Having it Out

Laura wanted to know what I meant by “having it out” with Amelie regarding her fit throwing.  I refer everyone over to Raising Godly Tomatoes.  It is a fully hashed out discipline plan/philosophy that I would be foolish to try to repeat here.  🙂

We’ve been following the RGT ideas since Lia was a year or so.  And we’re very happy with the process and with the results.  People are ALWAYS telling us how well-behaved she is (if they look at the right times), how nicely they sit in church (if they look on the right Sabbaths), how obedient they are, how well they behave and follow directions in Sabbath School.

I used to attribute it partly to parenting and partly to Lia’s innate sweet nature.  (I must have forgotten those foundational days of 45 minute fits, 3 times a day).  And then we came back from a vacation in Guam when I was pregnant with Amelie, we were all sick, and it was Christmas time.  After a few days of relaxing on our consistent parenting, a little brat emerged and took over the world.  After a few days of firming up and regaining consistent parenting, the angel reappeared and we haven’t seen the brat since.

That confirmed that Lia’s obedient sweet self is mostly due to the parenting.  And the way that we parent, discipline and training wise, is based off of Raising Godly Tomatoes.  So, jolly on over and take a look.

(I’m thinking that now when people comment on the girl’s behavior, I’m going to start responding, “We practice at home.”  Hahaha.)


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