Hustle and Bustle

Devo and I spent a rather dismal hour this morning going over the family schedule for the next two months.

Starting this weekend:  Parent Seminar, benefit concert, mission trip meeting, search committe

Next weekend:  Social committe potluck, youth social, and an all day conference constituency session on Sunday (our day off).

The next weekend: Pathfinder camporee, ending Sunday with a wedding and another search committee, with possibly a baptism at the beach thrown in between.

The next weekend:  Children’s Ministries convention in the mountains where we are presenting a seminar each.

The next weekend:  Devo preaches and leads praise, youth service project, and possibly another search committee.

The next weekend: Mexico mission trip with a meeting in San Diego on Sabbath to celebrate Lia’s birthday together.

Next weekend (Thanksgiving weekend):  A whole weekend extravaganza for Greg and Allison’s wedding on the coast.

The next weekend:  Candlelight concert, youth service project, and the 50+ Club pastor-served dinner on Sunday evening (our day off).

The next weekend:  Just a youth social.

The next weekend:  Our 6th anniversary.

The next weekend: Devo preaches and leads praise.

And then it’s a Happy New Year.

And that doesn’t include any of the regular stuff or any of the things happening during the week.

And let all God’s people say…WOOF.

So we’ve blocked out our “two days off” per week.  With some creativitiy and some evening meetings.  And we’ve blocked off family evenings at home.  I’ve decided to look at it as having exciting weekends with more restful weeks in between.  🙂

Now the biggest question is:  what are we going to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  This is the first time we’ll be here at home (and not with our family) through the whole season….  At least we won’t be bored.


4 thoughts on “Hustle and Bustle

  1. Wow! The life of a Pastor and his family. Being there, done that! I totally understand. To this day, my Dad is that busy!! We are staying around for the Holidays.

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