Aimee’s Baby

I just got a call that Aimee had her baby at 6:27 this evening.

She had called me this morning, reporting that she had been having contractions since 8pm the night before.  They were consistent but not particularly strong.  And what should she do?  I advised.

She called again in the afternoon to report that they were much stronger and they were off to the hospital.

And then I heard that she was 8 cm at 4ish.

I spent my entire day breathing deeply, trying to be calm, not too excited and fluttery.  And I spent my entire yoga class wishing that I could be there, wondering how it was going, trying to remain calm.

So when Somer called with the news and informed me that I could get all giggly and happy now, I said that maybe after a day of being giggly and happy, maybe now I would cry.

So I did.

Liana Edrine.  I’m not sure if I spelled Edrine right, it’s Kristian’s mother’s name.  But I am sure I spelled Liana right.  It is my sister’s name, after all.  Our family thinks it’s high on the beautiful names list.  🙂

8 pounds, 6 ounces, 21 inches long.  I’m assuming she’s a butterball.  Somer says she’s rosy.  And she has “Thai eyes”.

I’m eagerly awaiting the pictures.

I spoke to Aimee for a few minutes.  We’re anxious to get together and talk it all over.  The little girls and I are planning a trip out to visit after Kristian goes back to work.  Lia has been so excited all day that Aimee’s baby is being born.

Birth is so amazing.  I wish I could have been there.  We saw Linda heading to her car to drive out as I walked to yoga and Devo asked me if I wanted to go along.  Oh, I DID!  But Linda’s kind of a crazy driver, and I’m a paranoid passenger at the best of times.  <sigh>  (Linda, I love you!)  So I sent my hugs along and will mosey along in a few days.

Congratulations Aimee and Kristian!  And congratulations on a NATURAL BIRTH!!!


2 thoughts on “Aimee’s Baby

  1. Yeah! I am so happy for them. Please make sure to give them my best. I will of course wait with baited breath for the pictures!

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