The (Month) in Pictures

Amelie’s feet the day the blisters popped.  Beautiful.  (They’re all healed up now).

Rolling out dough for pie crust.

The finished apple pie.  Guarded by Amelie.

Paint face.  Or is it snot?

Awwwwww, they’re so cute.

Sillies.  This was on our remarkably unproductive trip to the mountains a few weeks ago.  We did not visit any retreat centers, we did not pick apples, and we did not get an apple pie.  But we DID get good pictures.

Look, a family photo with all of us looking at the camera!  I think this is Photo Number 6 with all of us.  Looking at the camera.

Lia packed her bag for Youth Specialties.  Contents of poofy pink ballerina bag:

(1) metal trivet, decorated with dragonflies.

(4) pairs of shoes

(1) toy cup and (1) wooden toy knife

(4) Bibles

(6) fake tulips

(1) princess sippy cup

(1) empty baby food jar, with lid

(1) ballet costume, (1) princess dress, (1) green material to be used as needed, (1) pink sash

(1) flowery hairclip

(1) stone bunny “Hallah”

We should have taken the stone bunny.  Lia worried the whole weekend that Hallah was missing her.


At the Magnolia Grill in Sacramento…where we ate five times.

Getting her portrait drawn.

Amelie sleeping with her books.  Lia sleeping with her hands in her hair…as always.


4 thoughts on “The (Month) in Pictures

  1. Um Amelie’s comment “Owie foot” was VERY right on! Poor little baby!

    As to the rest of the pictures….HOW FUN! I love seeing pics of your family.

    I have some to post myself of my little family however you will have to be paitent until after Abby’s birthday…because we are having a birthday bash of more than 50 folks…and the biggest party I’ve ever planned is the Tea Parties that Abby and I have. 🙂

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