A Family Portrait

Being that Devo spent all day Sunday in conference constituency meetings (better him than me), we took Monday and Tuesday as our days off.  Or mostly off.

Yesterday our midwife, Karen, came for an appointment.  We recorded the baby’s heartbeat…and even Amelie can now listen to it and say “baby!”.  I would post it here, but I can’t figure out how to get it off of the voice recorder.  Nor do I know if I can post sound clips on wordpress.

Today we went up to Big Bear.  True to form, Amelie cried all the way up and all the way down.  And she wasn’t carsick because she started crying half an hour before we starting winding our way up.  I think I jinxed it because I had thought to myself just a few minutes prior that maybe we were finally over the fussing-on-outings bit.  NOT.

But she DID enjoy the zoo.

Here’s a family portrait.  If you look closely around the speckle of light, you can see my growing tummy.  I’m actually wearing maternity pants today.  My “big” clothes are still too big, but my “small” clothes are too small.  So stretch maternity pants are just about right.

I’m 14 weeks now, by the way.  Someday I’ll get around to choosing a ticker to put on the top.


3 thoughts on “A Family Portrait

  1. You have a very little bump — I’m guessing you aren’t eating an Oreo shake every night. If only we could all be as self-disciplined.

  2. I think my bump is about on par….Erin told me yesterday that I now look like I’m 12 weeks along. 🙂 Still no maternity clothes, but I think at least a maternity uniform will have to emerge before the end of November. Realistically…in about 2 weeks. 😦

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