Christmas Day Visitors

I’m working on my family traditions seminar thing during a few hours (!!!!) without the girls.  It’s next weekend.  Where, or where did time go?

Anyhow, my question is:

Would you like it or not like it if friends knocked on your door on Christmas Day afternoon for a short visit?

(Sorry, I couldn’t get that any more succinct).

Would it be an imposition?  Welcomed?  Inconvenient?

What if said friends were bearing cookies or something?  Or a song. Or cheerful smiles.

See, we always get restless on Christmas Day when we’re here at home.  Probably because we’re not in the advantageous situation of having to placate and please and entertain and feed our extended family.  (In other words, lonely.)  And I’ve always thought how nice it would be to hop in the car and go around spreading (and getting) some Christmas cheer.  But I’ve never been sure how such a thing would be received.  But now I can ask for the good of humanity…would this be a good family tradition?  (That is, could we show up on YOUR doorstep this Christmas?)


6 thoughts on “Christmas Day Visitors

  1. Come on over! Last Christmas was especially bad for Tim. I was visiting my ailing grandfather in Canada. Fortunately a nice family adopted him.

    Tim and I were discussing renting the roomy WWVA Lodge up in the snowy hinterlands (it’s cheap, for a reason) and sharing Christmas with as many friends and family as we could trick and cajole to join us. It would make memories of togetherness, sledding, playing in the snow and sleeping on the 5 high bunk beds.

    If only they had a hottub 🙂 or running water during the winter. Shivering my way in and out of the outhouse in the middle of the night might be another memory.

  2. Last Christmas we all sat around feeling a little sorry for ourselves and Melissa asked why we weren’t doing our tradition.
    She said that our Christmas afternoon tradition is to go to movies. She’s right!
    This is not what we grew up with. I don’t know how it happened, but the answer to your question is – yes, we would love a visit.

  3. Unfortunately I live in South Africa, but we always welcome guest no matter what time of day or year. I enjoy receiving people. So you are always welcome. I especially love to have a lot of people visiting in the holidays.

  4. What a wonderful idea! We often do that on Christmas Eve. Since I may or may not have a husband this Christmas (at least with me in person vice in spirit) I may have to add it to my tradition! And we always seemed to hit the movies on New Years Day….if not at the theater then definitely at home with popcorn and a puzzle. 🙂

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