Weekend Plans

Everybody’s so sweet, inviting us to show up on your doorsteps.  We need to invest in some sort of “beam me up, Scotty” contraption.

Now, would you like all your OTHER friends to show up on your doorstep on Christmas Day afternoon?

We’re off to Pathfinder Camporee this morning.  For Lia’s sake, I will not vacuum or clean the girls room or wash the towels.  She’s so anxious to go…and has been since she woke up around 6 this morning when Devo was bumping around getting ready to go.  (She went back to sleep…eventually…in my bed.)

Lia is going to camp with Devo.  Amelie and I are going to enjoy the good food and company.  And I’m continuing to think about staying the night.  But the thought of walking by myself through the cold and dark to the bathroom four or five times a night is not appealing.  Not appealing.  Not appealing.

But, on the other hand, we’re considering looking into camping as a viable family outing and this would be a trouble-free way to see if we actually like camping or if we just like how cheap camping is.

Tomorrow night is the Adventurer’s Trunk or Treat at the church.  Every single event they have had this year has been at the same time as a previously scheduled youth event (that we planned to make a family event).  I’m miffed…but at no one in particular.  That’s just the downfall of running the youth ministry when your kids are in children’s ministry.  With a commitment to letting family time trump all.  So we’ll see if we’ve had enough of camping by tomorrow evening and come back for the Trunk or Treat.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. Camping is wonderful! Maybe invest in a little porta pottie – they have them for kids being potty trained – maybe they’ll work for pregnant mommys camping! Let’s go camp at the beach when you next come to Guam! At Urunao! Oh yeah!

  2. Guam Grandma can Leiliani’s good friend Deb and her daughter Abby come too? A little camping party if you will 🙂

  3. You should go!’ ok, I realize that this event has already passed but that’s ok. We went camping for the first time as a family in September and loved it! I am already planning a bunch of camping trips for as soon as the weather is nice again. As far as peeing in the cold I know what its like! The whole winter I was pregnant with Brenden, Jarrad wouldn’t turn the heat above 52 at night I would have to trech down the hall to our even colder bathroom where you could literaly feel the wind and sit on the ice cold toilet seat 3 plus times every night. I hated it! So happy to be in our new house this winter!

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