We did go camping and we did not make it to the Trunk or Treat.  In case you were wondering.

Lia and Devo stayed Friday and Saturday night.  Amelie and I stayed Saturday night.  And it rained.  For a glorious six minutes.  Luckily we had already settled into the tent for the night.  Amelie took great joy in crowing out “RAIN!” (actually, more like “WEE”…which is not too far off even taken at face value).  And Lia was full of questions.  Being born and raised in Southern California, her experiences with rain are few and far between.  The closest we get to rain are the lawn sprinklers.

Otherwise, the girls played happily around camp.  Lia thought that she was 10.  She hung out with the big girls playing uno and a variety of chanting group games.  “I pass my shoe to you, to you, I pass my shoe, to you to you to you.”  That one is played with cups going around in a circle.  And then there was the one where the girl is walking down the street and didn’t know what to do so she stopped in front of you…and the person in the middle does a dance and the person she stops in front of has to copy the dance.  And then there was the favorite game (albeit among the six and seventh graders, not the fifth graders)…”Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig BOOTIE!”  Which is essentially a “concentration aggravation” game.  I swear, I thought I was going to dream all night about “biiiiiiiiiig BOOTIE”.  But I didn’t.

Lia also thought that she had landed in sugar heaven.  Dessert after every meal.  Cake, candy, popcorn balls, twinkies, cookies, punch, juice.  Even with limiting the sugar intake to one dessert after every meal (hot chocolate for breakfast), it was an enormous amount of sugar.  We have now instituted a sugar moratorium for the rest of the week.  Except for Mommy…who didn’t indulge this weekend and is enjoying her grasshopper cookies on the sly.

I actually bought those cookies for Grandma Ruby.  But then I decided that they would melt en route to Guam and decided for the sake of world cleanliness I would have to eat them.  (Sorry Grandma!  I have something else non-meltable to send to you!)

The food was incredible.  Ones and Kimi camp like my parents…more like moving outside for a weekend than roughing it.  And then making sure that everyone eats well…very well.  Their Sunday morning breakfast burritos are so famous we always have a bunch of people who show up just for that.


Do we look relaxed?  We apparently made it through the weekend with no crises.  Apparently.  So far.  That we know of.


Sweet Amelie.  She’s learned this week to parrot so her vocabulary has tripled.  Favorite word learned this weekend:  “COOKIE!”


Lia the Skunk.  Friday being Halloween, I brought some “warm outfits”.  A skunk, a bee, and a butterfly.  All  God’s creatures, in case anyone complained.  Hahaha.  Isn’t she so cute?


Settling in for a good night’s sleep, listening to the rain.  They were so darling cuddled up together in the middle of the airbed on Sunday morning.  All toasty roasty.

amelie smileOne of Amelie’s current favorite faces.


8 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Yes, you do look relaxed. We missed you at the Trunk or Treat, but after looking at those pictures, I’m glad you weren’t there. You really needed the family time and the enrichment for your girls.

  2. It looks like you had a good time camping this weekend. You look so relaxed. Lia looks too cute in the skunk outfit.

  3. I forgot to mention that I made “your” Taco soup for the Trunk and Treat and it was a big hit. Thanks again for the recipe. I have made it many times already. Austin loves it!

  4. How fun! I love camping! Kimi and Ones, come to Guam and camp! (Sorry I missed your wonderful food – and company!) Beautiful pics.

  5. yea for camping. It is out new family favorite thing to do. I love there is no tv and my kids love that they get to be outside ALL the time. You guys need to come here and go camping with us, there are some GREAT places to go around here!

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