I’m tired of maintenance.  Clean up, make food, dishes, laundry, vacuum, mop.  Repeat.  Clean up, make food, dishes, laundry, vacuum, mop.  Repeat.  Clean up, make food, dishes, laundry, vacuum, mop.  Repeat.  Clean up, make food, dishes, laundry, vacuum, mop.  Repeat.  Clean up, make food, dishes, laundry, vacuum, mop.  Repeat.  Clean up, make food, dishes, laundry, vacuum, mop.  Repeat.

I want to be an organizer and a beautifyer!  And maybe even a de-clutterer!  Or a gardener. Something OTHER than a maintainer.

I suppose that the extra two hours I spent this week swapping summer clothes with winter clothes (only to have the temperature go back up to 85 today) should count as something out of the ordinary.  But it certainly wasn’t exciting.  It was, I have to admit, much easier than in times past.  I finally worked out a clothes organization method that works with ease.

Sterilite single drawer containers.  A more expensive option than my previous collection of file boxes, but there is no more stacking and unstacking.  Glory hallelujah.  I would put off clothes swapping for months because of the stacking issue.  Because my girls were born in different seasons I have to have one drawer per size, per season.  Newborn winter, newborn summer, etc. I must admit that if this new baby is a girl, life will be very very easy.  Clothes-wise.

closet organization

closet organization 2And the size is just perfect for a season’s worth of clothes.  Except for the bulky jackets.  Those do pose a problem.  And the shoes.  I have all the shoes in one drawer at the moment and I’m thinking it’s time for a new method of organizing shoes.

All this to say that I’d love to spend a week rearranging furniture, putting up pictures, and finding new homes for all those things the girls get out and spread around the house.

I’m also, for the first time in over a year, thinking seriously of decluttering.  Having moved to a bigger house and increasing our family size, I haven’t felt much need to get rid of things.  (Admittedly, I also don’t bring in as much junk as I used to).

But the girls have been making so many messes recently, I’m beginning to wonder just how many princess dresses we need, and if those cute kid-sized loaf pans are worth bending over four times a day to pick them up, and if the key to cleanliness and a peaceful life is in having…nothing.  Nothing in the cupboard, nothing to make a mess with.


7 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. Ha! I’d forgotten our trips to the organization store! You would go into organize it heaven in my house! You’d be loving life…I’ll make Rob maintain and we’ll be “beautifiers” together!

  2. Seems like you know how to organize. Me on the other hand really suck at it and I only have my own stuff to organize. Well I wish you good luck!!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t get rid of all your girls play things! Maybe rotate the dresses so only a few choices for a couple weeks. But what a little girls dream to have all those beautiful princess dresses!

  4. I have been thinking of you a lot these last 3 weeks. I have been trying to get things unpacked and organized. We are NOT moving again, EVER! And i keep having the urge to get everything unpacked so that I will never have to see another moving box ever again. Ha. Anyways, it sure would be nice to have your organizing and furniture arranging skills.

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