16 Weeks, an avocado and a turkey

pregnancy week 16Oh, oh, I keep forgetting!  I found the cutest website with pictures of how big the baby is every week.  I found it two weeks ago, so I didn’t share the lemon and the orange with you.  I’m sorry.  Delinquent.

So this week, we are 16 weeks along (we being the whole family in the process, but mostly the baby…who is actually 14 weeks).  And I have a baby the size of an avocado in my stomach.

BIG NEWS is that I started feeling the baby move last week.  It was probably Monday.  Or Wednesday.  But the important thing to document (and therefore not have to remember) is that I felt my third baby move in week 15.  Lots earlier than before.

I’d actually been feeling the baby move for several weeks before that, but it’s so hard to tell what is intestinal twitching and what is baby.  So I waited until I could feel it with my hand to make an official announcement.

It is just so weird how one day you can’t feel the baby move and the next day you feel it and then you can feel it all the time.

This baby seems to be pretty relaxed so far.  Slow turns and stretches.  He/she also likes to hang out down low, all cozy.

No one else has felt the baby move yet.  Being a relaxed sort of child, you have to wait patiently for movement and apparently nobody in my family has the patience.  Except me.  🙂  I now waste lots of time lying still with my hands on my stomach.  Let’s call it an investment in the future.

The food this weekend was not so great, in my gestational frame of mind.  (Don’t know if I was extra picky, extra grumpy, or if the food was unusually not good).  So I didn’t have anything other than fried potatoes and salad from Friday to Sunday. By the end of the weekend I was ravenously hungry.

I started dreaming of turkey again.

And then Sunday night we were over at someone’s house and they had baked a turkey.  I just about fell over (face first into the turkey).  I began mentally readjusting our family traditions to re-include turkey on Thanksgiving.  It was tortuous and I still haven’t entirely recovered from the strain.

I was Joseph-ian and ran from temptation (luckily not leaving my clothes behind).  But I’m still not sure if it wouldn’t have been so bad just to have one leetle piece. Just one bite.  Just one.


4 thoughts on “16 Weeks, an avocado and a turkey

  1. So cute! I have an avocado for a grandchild this week! If it helps, someone was serving turkey so I had some, as that is my favorite meat. It just doesn’t taste the same any more and didn’t hit “the spot”. Load up on healthy protein and the craving will subside. (though a turkey avocado sandwich does sound good – tee hee!)

  2. I have a papaya! Who can apparently hear. Which means I should probably talk more and start reading aloud. Funny, there was a show on TLC a week or so ago about “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” Though I understand the initial confusion between baby movement and intestinal stuff…can you really excuse it as that for 9 months? I think I would be going to a doctor to find out what was wrong – and why my stomach keeps contorting itself!

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