Down from the Mountaintop

We’re back from our weekend up in the mountains with the Children’s Ministries Convention thing.  It was a relaxing (!!!) weekend, despite many sleep interruptions (boogers, mommy over-dressing and therefore over-heating the baby, and intermittent crying).  Thanks to Janeen for inviting us to go.  A free weekend!

Well, I guess I did pay my dues.  It must have taken me at least 12 hours to prepare the Family Traditions seminar this week.  And that was after having done 80% of the research over the last few months.  I was just working so slowly.  Like a snail.  Like a snail without a brain.

It’s been so long since my brain was asked to function consistenly and methodically on such a large scale.  It had a hard time getting itself together.  Even Devo noticed how slowly I was working.

Every day last week I promised myself that I would finish the bulk of the preparation “today” and do all the housecleaning and laundry “tomorrow”.  Tomorrow never came.  Devo did most of the laundry…which until this morning was lying in a mountainous (but clean) pile in our bedroom.  So while we had clean clothes to pack, we had to excavate Mount Washmore and select the least wrinkly of specimens.

But I managed to put the messy house from my mind and enjoy the weekend, nonetheless. (And today I must pay the Piper).

I need to go through my traditions stuff and do a little more refining (you never get complete clarity until you’re standing in front of a bunch of people), and then I’ll start piecemealing it out.

The actual hour of presenting went really well.  My worst fear was that I would be a lame presenter.  A wimpy little voice just droning on and on.  I don’t know how to describe this particular fear, but I’ve been in seminars where I go away thinking that the presenter was a nice person, but perhaps she’d missed her calling.  🙂

Luckily I had an excellent sparring partner (Devo) so it broke up the monotony.

And luckily Amelie decided not to cry through the whole hour (it was smack in the middle of naptime), but put her head on my shoulder and went to sleep.

And luckily nobody complained about the emphasis on following the church year.

Lia learned new songs in the kids program this weekend.  Her favorite is (with lots of wild gesticulating):

“Our God is a great big Guy!”


2 thoughts on “Down from the Mountaintop

  1. Glad it was enjoyable and relaxing and that your talk went well. I knew you wouldn’t be a wimpy speaker. Did anyone video it?

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