Laine’s Letters

I can’t believe I have forgotten to put Laine’s Letters on my blogroll for almost a year.  When I was first married, I spent hours searching for tips and help and inspiration with my new job as a home maker.  I finally found almost all that I was looking for at Laine’s Letters.  (And the rest I found at Flylady).

Laine’s Letters is pre-blog…it’s a site with letters and recipes and lots of inspiration.  Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Laine’s Letters

  1. Melita, I have no idea what Laine is up to these days. Last I checked (a loong time ago) they were getting ready to adopt. Maybe she just never moved from website to blog format…hmmm. Thanks for commenting on this, I’ll have to go back and peruse her archives, I haven’t been there in awhile!

  2. I Love Laine’s letters!

    I am on her email list. They adopted a little girl last year, I think. Her sons also got married, and she has two grandbabies now too, so I think she is very busy.

  3. I, too, love her letters. Very inspiring to me. I sure wish she could give us an update on the adoption and grandbabies.

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