Amelie Sunshine


Amelie continues to be my little sunshine.  Except when she’s crying.  At which point we all break out in song, “I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering under the honey tree.”

She is a giver of unsolicited snuggles and kisses and cheery smiles.

And she is going to be a chef, we’ve decided.  Or a very upscale eater.  She sends food back on a regular basis because she didn’t see how it was prepared.  You may have put cheese on her pasta, but until she sees it sprinkled before her eyes, she won’t deign to eat it.  You may have spooned corn onto her plate, but unless she sees the actual spooning process, she refuses to acknowledge it.  You may have put powdered sugar and lemon on her German pancake, but unless you do it with the plate in front of her, she could not possibly bring herself to taste it.

Maybe she’ll just order things like flambe’s.  Or cook her own.

She’s such a big girl.  I’ve begun to let Lia rinse the washed dishes, so Amelie climbs up and ‘helps’ too.  She doesn’t quite understand the separation between clean and dirty, but she is very helpful, nonetheless.

And before her shower every morning, she goes running down the hall to get her own “goshgos” (washcloth).

And she’s grown attached to a stuffed bear the last day or two.  His name is “arrrrr”.   If you’re not paying attention, you’d think we have a pirate in the house.


4 thoughts on “Amelie Sunshine

  1. Such a sweet girl. Last night when Devo left the Youth Room he said goodbye to Amelie. All of a sudden she put her little hands in front of her eyes and out came the little lip. We were all smitten. She promptly put her head on her Pappy’s shoulder all the way out. I could totally see how she makes you smile on a regular basis.

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