Lia Says…


Lia, almost four years old.  (Take brief break for mother to do a wild dance of disbelief.  I REMEMBER being four!)

And yes, she calls me Mother.  Or Mama.  Or Mom.  Or Mommy.  And sometimes, just because she can, Leilani.

I, on the other hand, distinctly remember thinking that I had reached the time in my life that I should abandon the babyish “Mommy” and begin calling my mom “Mom”.  I felt miserable and vulnerable for weeks.  But I persevered.

And just as a sidenote, I overheard someone say this week that they could “never be a ‘Mommy'”.  They could be a “mom” with all the dictatorial joys that brings, but they could never be a “mommy”.  I almost cried.  Being a mommy is hands down the best thing in the world.  The mommy part is where the joy comes in.

Anyhow, back to Lia.

She continues to play at being pregnant.  Most recently she is intrigued with going to the “hostipal” and having a “see-shextion”.

But she also enjoys the happiness of home prenatal care.  Our “birthwife” came over yesterday and Lia took a video of her finding the baby’s “heart beep”.  I would post it here, but I refrain for your sake.  It’s a video destined to create motion sickness in even the most hardy of watchers.


4 thoughts on “Lia Says…

  1. Sorry, but I am still mommy and refuse to give it up! Lia is so grown up . . . and I am missing it, sob : (

  2. Sweet, sweet girl.

    I’m always astonished at how much they understand nevermind what they can actually accurately verbalize.

    Being a mommy is truly amazing.

  3. I remember being four. That was the year I cooked my first (not so good) meal and the year I climbed Table Mountain. I climbed with my dad, granny Emily and grandpa Jan. I did all the climbing myself; they just kept a close eye on me. That was a good year. It sparked my love for cooking.

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