Get Ready, Get Set…

Devo’s off to Mexico tomorrow morning.

And, according to plan, I am all caught up on my laundry (just finished folding and putting away).  General cleanliness is pretty good.  Just don’t look too closely at the floor.

But I must confess that I’ve basically not taken my MY TIME.  I’m just so anxious for us all to be together before we can’t be together anymore.  🙂  I did go to yoga on Monday. That should count for something.

But I’m feeling pretty good, nonetheless.  I’ve been very productive this week, hence my bloggity silence.  (Did I just say “bloggity”?  Ewwwww.)  I have pictures to prove it to you.  Maybe on Friday.

Perhaps it is the increase in my thyroid dosage that I can attribute to added energy and general mental health and stability.  Or maybe it’s the second trimester happy phase.  I’ve certainly been hit hard by the nesting instinct.  It’s wonderful.  (And thanks, Laura, for giving it a name.  It didn’t dawn on me that this urge to rearrange was nesting until you identified it.  Correctly, I might add.)

So tomorrow we’re off to Aimee’s to worship the baby, as all babies must and should be worshipped.  And to see Aimee in all her motherly glory and contribute to both the joy and the fatigue by our presence.  🙂  Hehe.

But it does mean a two hour drive. Each way.

I’m feeling brave.  Does bravery come with the second trimester, too?

Well, I’ve been staring blankly with eyes unfocused at the computer screen for at least 35 seconds, so I think that all my productivity has caught up with me and it is time to…stop.  Eat.  Read.  Sleep.

Yes, wonderful idea.


4 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set…

  1. Hey, I guess it’s been the week of productivity around here. Let’s plan on a play date or two while Devo’s gone.

  2. You where very productive this week, wish I could say the same about my week but I spent my week recovering from the weekend with the youth. Friday night we got together and chatted till 12 the night. Sabbath was a very full day. After church we all again got together and ate lunch and lay on the grass talking till sundown. After Sabbath closing we took out the portable big lights and started playing volleyball and monopoly till sunrise. Sunday morning we went to the park and gave a party to children and played cricket with them. After that it was barbeque and swimming till 10 the evening. What a weekend, so I was useless for the first part of this week. Glad to hear somebody was very productive!!!!!!

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