I just finished a beautiful, possibly too chatty post about our trip out to Aimee’s.  And it’s disappeared.  <poof>  So here it is in short.

We made it there.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Aimee fed me taco salad.

Liana is the sweetest little baby in the world.  She still makes those newborn squeaks and snuffles.

Lia and Amelie enjoyed the dogs and generally rearranging the things in Aimee’s house that were not bolted down or too heavy to lift.  I apologized before and after and continually.

We made it back. The girls slept the whole way.  Which was great.  Except that now I’m tired and they’re still wide awake.

And when we got back home we tacked on another hour in the car (bringing the grand total of the day up to 5 hours) by going on the longest trip to IN’n’OUT known to man.

And there you have it in a nutshell.


4 thoughts on “Aimee’s

  1. hurray for In and Out! My baby got fed (that’s Leilani)! Sounds like you made it thro the evening – despite vanishing blogs!

  2. Glad you had a fun visit! 🙂 We had to completely redecorate a house Friday night — couple with no kids. They even had jellybeans out on the coffee table. Tons of breakables. Oh that Peter will sleep in the car during our 3 hour drives to the airport and back. 🙂

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