Before I forget

Lia said more funny things that just need to be recorded for posterity.

Yesterday morning, “I had a sweet dream last night.  I dreamt about candy.”

And as of today, I have a new name.  Mother Delise.

“Can I have a glass of water, Mother Delise?”

“Mother Delise, Amelie is crying.”

“Mother Delise, I need help.”

I kind of like being Mother Delise.  Maybe because it makes me feel faintly like Mother Teresa.

Amelie is keeping up in the chatting department.  She spent most of our time at Aimee’s, talking to Aimee at the top of her voice.  “AIMEE, WATCH!”  “AIMEE, BABY CRY!”  “AIMEE, WATCH!”


4 thoughts on “Before I forget

  1. Mother Delise, Grandma Boo Boo would have loved Lia’s “Sweet Dream”! Is it going to be baby Liana and – can’t be big Liana like we did with Michaels. Need to figure out taglines to keep the two straight!

  2. Liana said Auntie Liana’s fine, I was wondering if Liana Maria – might get confused with Sister Maria – lets all start singing!

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