Never a Dull Moment–or–Holy Toledo

We’re off to our ultrasound in a few minutes.  I have been very patient and very good at not wondering too much about whether Baby is a boy or a girl.  But now I’m done being patient and I can hardly wait to find out!  Now if only the baby will be cooperative and show us what we want to see.  🙂

We’re taking Lia and Amelie…even though the rules are only one person in the room.  I’m prepared to do a little sweet talking to get them in.  And if that doesn’t work (I’m not very good at sweet talking under pressure), we’re hoping Carmen will come and watch them while Devo comes in.

So stay tuned!

But while we wait, let me tell you all about Tuesday night.

So I was getting Amelie ready for bed, putting her pajamas on.  She had something in her hand.  And I took it away so that I could put her pajamas on.  Well, she didn’t like that, so she threw a fit.  One of those take a big breath and then do the silent scream kinds of fits.

Only, the silent scream didn’t stop.

And right before my very eyes, she stopped breathing, her body went completely limp–dead–, and her wide open eyes were blank.  Nobody home.

I freaked out.

I picked her up and put her back down to see if that would jar her out of it.  And then I pushed twice on her chest and puffed twice in her mouth.  I told Lia to get me the phone, all the while thinking that even if I called 911 they wouldn’t make it in time.

And then she came back to life.

Muscle tone, eyes alert, breathing, crying.

I called Devo to come home (via Janeen and Pastor Dave because he had left his phone at home…he never leaves his phone at home).  And then once he got home, I cried.

All to the background of Lia: “Mommy, what happened?  Mommy, why this?  Mommy, why that?”

Eventually we decided to take her in to urgent care, just to check things out.  But by then, I was pretty confident about what happened.

See, when my mom was a toddler, she went through a long stage where she would cry, hold her breath, and pass out.  Now, they were in India at the time, and when they got back to the US, they did some tests and ended up putting her on seizure medication for awhile.

But then, when I was about a year and a half, I did the same thing.  Cry, hold breath, pass out.  But I only did it once.

And I’m hoping that Amelie only does it once, because it scared the bejeebees out of me.

The (very nice) doctor affirmed that it was exactly that, and that it’s actually fairly common, and that babies eventually grow out of it.  She also said that if she does it again, we are not to give her attention.  (It can be a manipulative, attention-getting ploy.)

Now, I’ve run that through in my head a number of times, but I think that if she ‘goes out’ like that again, I will definitely do everything that I can, as quickly as I can.

Now the problem is that I am afraid of letting her get upset.  You can see what kinds of problems that can cause.  Luckily, I’m getting more confident day by day.  I just watch her very very very very very very very closely.

And, we were planning to go out for our anniversary (coming up Dec. 20).  But now I’m not so sure.  What if it happens again?  Maybe we should find medically trained people to babysit them.  I’m dithering.

So we’re fine now, except for that recurring nightmarish memory.  But, as my mom says, Holy Toledo.  I really would appreciate at least fifteen years with no major upsets.  At least.


3 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment–or–Holy Toledo

  1. I am glad she is fine. I know of a little girl here who does that – her mom pinches her and she comes out of it. Unsolicited advice – remember that it CAN be manipulative and that is what is happening if you are trying to keep from upsetting her. But you are my model mommy, so I know you’ve got it all under control. Hugs and prayers!

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