Let’s just talk a little about food.  Because I’m hungry.  And it’s another hour until dinner.

The candied yams remain in my fridge.  Somehow I have never gained the courage to actually get them out and eat them.  I am finally able to blame this on a subliminal disappointment that the marshmallows melted.  I didn’t realize I was disappointed.  But I am.

I woke up from my nap hungry for…taco salad.  But I think I’m going make haystacks instead.  I still haven’t bought any of the suggested dressings, so I’d probably just turn out another dismal taco salad.  Now I just need to stay strong and not sneak in a fritos and salsa snack before the girls wake up.  Because that would ruin my craving and then we’d have no dinner.

On our new admin secretary’s suggestion, we went to a local pupuseria on Wednesday night.  Pupusas, for those who don’t know, are discs of handmade corn tortillas with something yummy encased in the middle.  We tried the refried bean pupusas, the squash and cheese pupusas, and, our hands down favorite, the spinach-tomato-cheese pupusas.  Along with some corn tamales.  They are the new preferred comfort food.  Absolutely delicious.  I’m totally taking my mom there when she comes this summer.

Several of you have expressed interest in Cheryl’s Thanksgiving appetizers, the Tofu Lettuce Wraps.  Here is how she says to make them (I haven’t tried it, but I’ve watched her twice):

Chop firm tofu into small cubes.  Fry in a little oil until they get brown.  Deglaze the pan with adequate soysauce.  Add fresh chopped basil and …wait for it…mint.  Use quite a bit.  Flavor further with a mild sweet chili sauce. Serve with large pieces of iceberg lettuce to make wraps.  Make plenty and invite Leilani over for dinner.

I’m not quite sure what exactly this chili sauce is.  On Thanksgiving Day, she didn’t have any and ended up using a bit of jam and something else.  Janeen, tell me if I’ve missed or misconstrued anything important!

Rats, now I want lettuce wraps for dinner.

Has anybody else eaten anything good lately?  Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is getting bare because I can’t think of anything to eat except burritos and pasta.

Burritos and pasta.

Burritos and pasta.

Did I mention burritos and pasta?  With the occasional wild variation like haystacks or pasta salad.

I’m in a serious rut here.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Food

  1. This time of year is great for getting out the slow cooker. Of course, that means you have to know what you will be craving many hours before you will eat it. That can be hard on the pregnant psyche.

  2. taco salad dressing – ranch dressing mixed with salsa, or if no ranch dressing, mayo mixed with salsa is just as good. Lettuce wraps sound delicious. Sweet chili sauce is in the asia isle, it’s pretty common (here it is anyway! even have it at Cost-U- More) it’s delicious on/in alot of food.

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