20 Weeks, halfway


I’ve been pestering my cousin Lea for side profile pictures, so I figured I should probably practice what I preach.  So here I am this evening, 20 weeks and 1 day.  Self-portrait.  New shirt.  Reader’s Digest Christmas Music on the piano.

wk20_lgDoes it look like there’s a cantaloupe in there? An awfully bumpy and wiggly cantaloupe, if you ask me.

photo-511Amelie heard the photobooth camera sound and came in to have her picture taken.  She was remarkably cute today in her pink foo foo dress and piggies.


4 thoughts on “20 Weeks, halfway

  1. Where are you hiding that cantaloupe?? Or maybe you always house your baby fruits deep inside you. I carried mine right out in front so you look so small and cute to me. 🙂

  2. Looking good and the color of that top is very pretty on you – so is the top! Hello Baby Boy Kritzinger! Nice to see you!

  3. I posted pics on the facebook site just for you! Well, and a few other people who have also been pestering me. 🙂

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