Saving Money, Saving Beans

Yesterday I signed up for  I don’t know what prompted me to squander “naptime” entering in online ids and bank numbers.  Oh, yeah, it was probably the house hunting.  House = money.  No money = no house.  So I signed up for, which is a free online money tracker.  It’s like quicken, only much much easier.   And prettier.  Which counts for something, you know.  (Mom, you should check it out!)

I was curious about how much money we spend eating out and how much money oozes away in the incidentals.  Because those are the only options we have in paring down our expenses.  Well, okay, not the only options.  But the best options.

And so I started doing the math.  If I can make minestrone on Friday nights for approximately .50 a serving, then technically, we could eat as a family for $2 a meal.  (That makes our bargain deal of $10 on kids-eat-free day at Jose’s not quite so amazing).  That’s like $42 a week.  Or $168 a month.

(And budgeting is so hard because I buy things like toilet paper and shampoo at the same time as groceries, so it gives a skewed reckoning.)

But it made me think of cooking beans–the ultimate cheap and nutritious food.

So today I’m cooking beans.

I think that they are white beans (I mean, they’re white) but they may be some other fancy bean I picked up at Henry’s.  I’m reading “Under the Tuscan Sun” right now, which is chockfull of good food, and they mentioned Tuscan White Beans.  Which are basically white beans and sage.  But I don’t have any sage.  (Figures).  So the beans are doctored with basil and a little rosemary.

But now I’m having second thoughts.  This is a big batch of beans destined mostly for the freezer.  Smelling strong smells for extended periods of time pretty much guarantees that I am not going to want to eat it.  Possibly for months, maybe even years.  Maybe I should have just left it with onions and garlic and then doctored each batch individually.  Rats.


3 thoughts on “Saving Money, Saving Beans

  1. Ooh, ooh! – was signing up for on my suggestion? – or did you not remember our conversation and do this on your own.. The latter is fine, I suppose.. I just would’ve liked to be a part of this new inspired budgeting business. I like being helpful. Hee, hee.

  2. Hmmm…I have a yummy recipe for cajun black beans and rice (which I wrap up in tortillas for bean burritos). Might have to dig it out again, as I am FINALLY done with turkey soup, and am almost done with turkey in general…

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