Bread Blogs

Bless the blog world.  Did you know there is a bevy of bread blogs out there?  What absolute bliss.

One of my secret aspirations is to own a bakery.  Just imagine helf after shelf of breads.  The smell of yeast wafting through the air.  Beautiful cakes, with no atrocity of fondant.  The rhythm that must be a part of a baker’s life.  But, oh, the hours!  4am does not appeal.

I’m baking bread, in case you hadn’t guessed.  I’ve decided to try out a variety of wheat or multigrain bread recipes until we find one we really like…both for taste and ease.  Because the bread I’ve been buying at Costco just doesn’t ring my bell anymore.  There is no more enjoyment in my morning toast.  And, at the rate that my family consumes bread, it’s pretty expensive…especially when I don’t even like it!

So today I’m trying two recipes from Baking Bites.  Once all the ingredients are out on the counter, it’s easy to make more than one recipe.  But I neglected to realize that the baking temperatures are different.  So one bread must rise an extra 40 minutes.

Some of the fun bread blogs I’ve browsed today:

Wild Yeast

A Year in Bread

And the composite Bread Baking Day

If anybody has any yummy and reasonably healthy bread recipes, send them along!  Just one thing…I don’t grind my own wheat.  Yes, I realize that I will not get as good of a wheat bread.  That’s a choice I make, and I’m willing to live with it.  At least until someone gets me the wheat grinding attachment for my Vita-Mix.


3 thoughts on “Bread Blogs

  1. Leilani, While our kids were growing up I baked our own bread for many years, usually on Thursday, the day we did laundry, so the bread could rise on the dryer. To this day, there is nothing better than coming in the house with the scent of bread baking!! Even the cousin’s still ask for homebaked bread!! After having real HomeBaked bread who can eat anything else. You & Trisha can start your own bakery, she has worked in a bakery & is an awesome baker of anything!!

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