Another Person, and other thoughts

Somehow I had forgotten what it was like to have a little someone living under my skin.  I laid down today, hoping for a nap despite the 10 and half hours of sleep during the night.  First I was joined by Lia, who snuggled down, sharing my pillow.  I closed my eyes and began to thaw under the down comforter.  But there was a little someone who decided that naptime for Mommy means rock’n’roll time.  Even now, I can feel him doing his evening exercises and do not wonder why I couldn’t get to sleep this afternoon.

We went house shopping with Ivette, our fantastic realtor.  And we actually found a house, on the first try, that we liked.  And could afford.  (There was another house that we liked, but couldn’t afford.)  4 beds, 2.5 baths, 1/2 acre perfect for entertaining.  And when Devo took our friend Steve back to look at it, we also discovered a soggy sagging wall, ancient wiring, and an archaic furnace.  We were disenchanted.  And, actually, the biggest downfall for me personally was that it was back in our old neighborhood…10 minutes away.  I have soooooo enjoyed being able to walk out the door and stroll to friend’s houses, the church, the store, the conference.  Especially since we downsized to only one car.

So we’ll look some more.  We still have time.

But there is a part of me that would really like to be moved in when this baby is born.  I don’t like to have our family memories scattered about in different houses.  I haven’t been able to go visit our friends who live in our old house…I can’t bear to see other people living in the house we were so happy in and birthed two of our children in.  I actually dream about the trauma of visiting our old house.  I couldn’t even drive by it for over a year.  So I’d like to have one place to consolidate our collective family history.

If possible.

The evening exercises continue.

I’m almost done reading Under the Tuscan Sun.  Karen has promised me that I can borrow her picture books by Frances Mayes for the holidays when we go over on Sunday.  I must admit that reading that book while house hunting is …conflicting.  It certainly encourages me to find a house with character.  And I even thought about a fixer-upper.  Until I began to notice how much MONEY they spent fixing up their Italian house.  Not to mention the work.

The book has helped me to solidify some gardening ideas.  I definitely prefer groups of one thing.  A hedge of lavender.  A grouping of trees.  And, from experience, I’ve finally decided that I like my vegetables in rows.  Not only aesthetically, but also when I go out to harvest.

Speaking of harvesting, I know that I often complain about living in smoggy Southern California.  But the weather is great for gardening.  My tomatoes are still producing…actually they are producing more than they did at the height of summer.  When our northern friends have bedded their gardens down for the winter, I have chard and kale, broccoli and cabbage, celery and bokchoy…all just waiting for me to come outside with my scissors.

Christmas decorating has come to a standstill.  We have a tree.  The girls enjoy rearranging the ornaments.  We have an Advent Wreath that I made from fresh boughs.  We light our candles and sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” every night at dinner.  And thanks to Janeen, we now have a Nativity based Advent calendar…it’s magnetic and goes on the fridge.  Still on the docket–hang lights around the house and outside, and sew the dolls for the creche I’ve envisioned.  I’d really like to have an empty manger, waiting for the baby on Christmas morning.  But I haven’t mustered up the energy.  I knew I should have begun decorating in October when I was full of zeal!

I hear that the girls cassette has stopped.  They enjoy listening to my old cassettes of “My Bible Friends”.  Remember those?  They are both still awake but I already warned them that I wouldn’t turn the tape over tonight…it’s too late.  We went to the church choir’s Christmas cantata tonight, and it was wonderful.  I teared up during every song until my charges got too wiggly and then I didn’t hear much of anything.  The little dancer in my stomach is slowing down, but not by much.  I guess I’ll stay up a little bit longer.

Happy Sabbath everyone!


5 thoughts on “Another Person, and other thoughts

  1. Well I started my Christmas decoration in the beginning of November and it is coming a long very nicely. I personally think that it was a great idea. Now I get to enjoy all the very lights a little longer, because December always feels so short. You just have all the decorations up, and then you have to take them all down. So maybe to start in October is not such a bad idea. You go girl!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m sorry about the house – but glad you found out right away! No more going to bed and sleeping right away! Favorite time to do somersaults! How fun!

  3. Bean agrees…mommy’s nap time is the best time to be awake! I got the puppy asleep, the kitty asleep, I was all comfy…and he decided to play. For the entirety of the nap time. I think he is getting pretty close to being a Benjamin though. And the only decorating I have done is an advent calendar and advent wreath. Good thing JB got home on Sunday, otherwise I don’t think Christmas would really be happening on the 25th!

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