Edible Gardens

Having finished Under the Tuscan Sun and now perusing the borrowed delights of the companion Bringing Tuscany Home, I’ve been craving…Italian food.

So today’s shopping trip resulted in fresh mozzarella, fontina (I’ve never had fresh plain fontina, but there’s a recipe for fontine and walnuts on bruschette), and “crusty country bread”.  And my first attempt at zuppa di pomodoro (tomato soup) is on the stove awaiting the return of the ballet goers.  (It tastes pretty good…olive oil and lots of fresh garlic, roughly blended canned tomatoes, vegetable stock, salt, pepper, and sugar.  Not to forget the fresh basil I rescued from our submerged backyard.  Wading barefoot through icy water is a great energy booster.)

And in the midst of these adventures, I found this:


The Edible Garden Series by Rosalind Creasy.  What a fantastic idea!  The series includes an Asian garden, French garden, Mexican garden, flower, herb, etc.

Alot of backyards in this area have a retaining wall along one or several sides of the fence to make raised beds.  Unimaginative, I’ve always scoffed.  But in our house hunting, it’s slowly dawning on me that I might very well end up with an unimaginative cement block raised bed.  So after perusing the titles of The Edible Garden (and as much as amazon lets me see), I’ve decided how to spice up my possible gardening future: make sections of ‘edible gardens’…a trip around the world in our boring garden bed.  Cilantro and chilies in the Mexican garden, bokchoy in “Asia”, carrots and lettuces in “France”, and tomatoes and herbs in “Italy”.  Now wouldn’t that be fun?

Otherwise I’m dreaming of a grape arbor, dwarf lemons in big pots, and a kaffir lime tree.


One thought on “Edible Gardens

  1. I was looking at your Amazon with list last night and didn’t know which you would prefer first and if you had already bought it! I love the titles and the idea, got excited about gardening – my fantasy world!

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