The Rhinoceros – Tales From the Table

The girls were napping the other day when Devo and I watched this video together.  And don’t skip it, like I did the first time I saw it.  Watch just a leeeeeetle bit, even if you’re busy! (Sorry, I can’t get it to embed).

And I thought, oh how cute.  But my children don’t really tell stories.

Apparently my children had just not reached the story-telling developmental stage.  Until now.

The last few weeks, I’ve noticed a great deal of pretend play going on, with intricate dialogue.  The most memorable of which was Lia enacting a wedding on the hearth and kissing the fireplace bricks at the appropriate time.  (This must have been right after Greg and Allison’s wedding).

And then today, at lunch, she launched into a story about her dream (current code word for Imaginative Story Time with Lia).  Unfortunately, after twenty minutes of non-stop story, the only thing I can remember is that the TV turned into a rhinoceros.


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