I’m Just a Little Black Rain Cloud


I think that I deserve the “Grumpiest Person For No Good Reason in the Whole World Today” award.  Hands down.

Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  Or negative energy.  Or hormonal fluctuations. Or growing baby using all available resources, including general happiness.

What I really needed today was to be banished–to the wilderness for 40 days, or to a cave for 40 days, or at least to the Brook Cherith to be fed by large unhygenic black birds.

Because you know the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  Never were there truer words spoken.

I’m hoping that the cloud lifts before tomorrow.  It’s our SIXTH anniversary tomorrow, December 20.  (Yes, as people, particularly elderly couples like to inform us, it’s the longest night of the year.  Wink, wink.).  Perhaps it’s a good thing we decided to postpone our official celebration to Sunday.  Although tomorrow is planned to be pretty nice.

Other than having to go to Sabbath School that is.  I despise Sabbath School.  Don’t fall off your chair, that’s just the way it is.  It’s one of my failings as a mother–the inability to muster up good will to sit in a large uncomfortable chair and bend over to children in small chairs while keeping my knees pressed together and my neckline decorous.  But I go anyhow, so there must be merit being stored up somewhere.  I can only hope and pray that Stefani is teaching.  I love it when Stefani teaches.  Well, as much as I can possibly love Sabbath School while remaining true to my despisement.

Devo has a fairly ‘quiet’ morning.  Which basically means he’s asked not to be included in the church service.  And we’re going to Sam and Shelley’s for lunch.  And in the evening we are supposed to have ‘tostada pizza’ (like CPK’s) and watch “White Christmas”.

Now I just need to make the pizza dough.  I hope I make the pizza dough.  I’ve been planning on making the pizza dough.  I’m really quite afraid that I’m not going to make the pizza dough, and then where will we be?


3 thoughts on “I’m Just a Little Black Rain Cloud

  1. I’m so sorry your day was so awful. I hope Sabbath was better and Sunday went smoothly and stresslessly so you could actually enjoy! I love you!!

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