More Christmas Carol Happiness

It’s amazing how Lia’s voice has developed over the last two months of Christmas carol singing.  She loves to stand on the fireplace hearth and sing a “recital”, complete with Amelie as the comic relief.  Her pitch has drastically improved, and her headtones are as clear and pure as…a bell.

Even though Christmas is over, we are still singing Christmas carols.

Amelie’s favorite remains, “The First Noel”.  Or, as she sings it, “No-uh”.  (At least we know she would be able to say “Noah” if that’s what we name the baby).  Here’s the chorus:

No-uh, no-uh, no-uh, no-uh (all remarkably in tune…Amelie has a definite gift for singing)

Born ay DINK…(at which point we all start laughing)…Israel.

Lia’s current favorite:

“Hark the herald angel sings, glory to the newborn King

Peace on earth and nursie mild.…”


3 thoughts on “More Christmas Carol Happiness

  1. It’s a wonder we ever get ANYTHING else done, when you have such cute kids to observe and document. It is definitely worthwhile to actually take the time to enjoy these little moments of pure clarity of “mommy” purpose. 🙂

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