Letting Others Help Me

I’ve read about this happening, but it’s never happened to me before.  The only person who has ever cleaned my house other than ourselves has been my mom.  But I do hear about other people who are going through some life struggle (such as pregnancy, haha) and some friend comes over and cleans their house or does the laundry or watches the kids for an hour while they sleep.  And I think, oh how nice.

Actually, what I think is, “I wish I could afford to hire someone to do that for me.”  Because I have a hard time taking kindness and personal attention.  (My labor with Lia, 9 hours of having and unselfconsciously accepting the uninterrupted attention of six people, is one deviant experience from the norm.)

But I got an email from my friend Yvonne…she is retired, newly widowed, wife of a former pastor on our staff.  And she asked if she could come over and clean or do laundry or watch the kids.

And I thought, “No way!” I can’t let someone come in and do my cleaning!

And then I thought, “Rats, and the house is remarkably clean right now.”  And if we vacuum on Wednesday, I’ll just have to do it again before Friday, and why waste the effort of doing it twice?  The only things that are truly dirty are the bathrooms, and I would be absolutely mortified (as in, fall over dead from shame and embarrassment) if anybody looked too closely at them.

And then I thought that maybe this was a growing experience and I should embrace it.

So I finally came up with the solution of letting her help me with the kitchen New-Year-Cleaning.  (Since spring isn’t going to be a good time, I’m doing it now.)  I have been slowly cleaning out closets and cupboards and reorganizing them a bit at a time.  I’d gotten through almost all, but not quite all, of the kitchen cupboards.  So I thought that would be a nice congenial task…something we could work on together so I wouldn’t feel guilty about her doing all the work.  🙂

So Yvonne came over mid-morning this morning and she scrubbed the oven, the microwave, the stove, the cupboard doors, the sink, and even the splatters from the blender that have been staring at me for the last four weeks.  Wowee!

I keep opening the oven just to look inside and admire the sparkle.

So thank you to Yvonne for a great morning of chatting, with the added benefit of a magnificently clean kitchen!!!!


4 thoughts on “Letting Others Help Me

  1. When I was staying home when my children were small I had friends that will help a lot while visiting and I will do the same while visiting. It was a lot of fun. As for looking after other people’s children, my house were full of children when I stayed at Helderberg College ranging from 3 years old to 14. I had a child of 3 coming to my house when Hubby was scarcely gone and will refuse to go home when I told her to. They had a domestic worker that was suppose to look after her, while her parents was working. I even had a problem to let her go to her house for lunch. She was my little neighbour! I was doing educational stuff with my children every morning, and all the children present were joining. When I had later 11 children being 50% of the morning at my house, I felt that I could not afford this free pre-school anymore. I wrote to all the parents a note that I were willing to have their children over if they will share the cost that I have with glue, paint, paper, ect. Most of the parents were very willing but one parent was so cross with me that she did not speak to me for more than 3 months. She stayed 3 houses from me. She said that her sun was not allowed to come to me, but he stayed away, for only a week. Then he was getting it for free, because I did not have the heart to send him home.
    When we were at Kenneth’s cousin for his Dad’s funeral, I found out that his cousin’s wife has a wonderful friend that helps her so much. She is on pension, also a widow. She have a key for the house. Comes their often before Elmarie gets home from work, cook a meal for them. Put the washing in while cooking, will even come the next afternoon and do the ironing. When Elmarie told me, she was their. She laughed and said that she gets so much love and friendship from their family. She lives in such a small house with a small garden, so that she have lots of time on hand. She know that Elmarie doesn’t and she enjoy to help out.

  2. Thank you Yvonne! It’s so hard being far away and not able to step in. Wonderful to have the cleaning, but equally wonderful to have adult woman to woman conversation!

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