Sabbath is a Happy Day…???



running in church

…is a…

happy dayhappy day?


5 thoughts on “Sabbath is a Happy Day…???

  1. But they are so beautiful in their dresses! Gotta love her, even if she’s crying…:) That’s a pretty neat church too…look at those floors!

  2. It looks like Sabbath started out as a happy they, but then something went wrong????? But they look to sweet and cute in their little dresses!!!!

  3. So scrumpdiliumptious! I love the one with Lia kissing Amelie. But, also love the not so happy one – such stories you could make up to go with it! Sabbaths can be very long and put most kids over the edge, but they are even harder to the 10th power (or should I say 7th to be politically correct!) for pastor’s families. So considering all, besides, when you have an older sister who poses so beautifully, it’s enough to make any younger sister cry!

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