Farmer John

farmer john.JPG

Our new game: Farmer John.  One organic produce customer sits inside the screen door and calls, “Farmer John, Farmer John, I’d like to buy some (flowers)”.  Farmer John says, “Okay!” and picks some flowers (or rocks, or handfuls of dirt) and delivers it to the door.

I made Lia put on clothes and tie up her hair to take this blog appropriate picture.  She generally prefers gardening au naturel.  Much more wholesome that way.  After I hoed up the weedy section pictured yesterday, Lia helped weed for almost fifteen minutes.  It’s much easier for her to weed if it’s all dug up before hand.  I’ll have to remember that when enlisting willing weeders.


I have neglected to mentioned my garden lately because it has been … neglected.  I’ve decided to weed the empty areas and mulch with straw for the remainder of the winter.  Not necessarily an aesthetic choice, but a practical one.  Despite the neglect, we have managed to produce two cabbages.  Organic.  Two out of twelve originally planted.  Not bad, considering that the cabbage patch was submerged under water for several days at a time with each winter rainstorm.  The cabbage actually tastes good, too!  (I’m always surprised.)  Fairly sweet, for a cabbage, and with a very nice crunch.


One thought on “Farmer John

  1. Beautiful pictures – great models – thanks for dressing them so prettily! Wish I could grow such healthy looking cabbage. Tell Farmer John I’d like to buy some fresh kale!

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