The Future of this Blog

A year ago I set up this blog, purchased a domain name, waded (usually lost) through wordpress, and intended to take the blogging world by storm.  I mean, other people make money from blogging–so much that they can quit their jobs.  And while I didn’t intend to quit my “job”, I definitely was looking for something that could bring in a little extra.  Or could make enough to let my husband quit his job and enable us to move to some beautiful tropical island (Guam) or exotic Africa (specifically, South).

But here I am a year later, eating my bok choi and tofu, and wondering if I should fork out the $15 to keep my domain name for another year.  Because, if last year was any indication, I’m nevah evah going to see those $15 again.

<pause for bokchoi and tofu refill>

Why am I not a monetarily successful blogger?  After much consideration, I have some answers.

Answer #1: I’m not a niche blogger.

Or, more specifically, I choose not to be a niche blogger.

Successful bloggers are niche bloggers.  And apparently I am not niche oriented.

For heaven’s sake, I can’t even write a blip bio for myself without the compelling urge to write down everything I do and everything I’m interested in.  I can’t reduce myself to “Homeschooling mom of two.”  (Not that I’m a homeschooling mom, but you know.)  I’m MORE than that!

And so, apparently, is my blog.

Answer #2: I don’t have a naturally well-lit house.

Which means that I don’t get to take great photos.  (There is no good setting for flourescently lit, quickly moving children).  And people like good photos.

Answer #3: I have a computer guilt complex.

Even now, while Devo has taken both girls to Lia’s ballet class to give me some self time (brave man), I am feeling guilty for sitting at the computer.  There is bokchoi and tofu to put away, dishes to wash, laundry to do, and a nap to be taken–and then that ‘self-time’ to be enjoyed.  (And all before they get back…I’d better get cracking!)  In fact, if they drove up right now, I am sure I would bolt out of my chair and pretend to have been doing something else while they were gone.

Which makes me feel as though I haven’t made it far from my childhood days of hiding the book I was reading when Mom walked into the room.

Of course, if I was making money from sitting here, I might feel different.  Justified.  Rich.  Smug.

Answer #4: I’m too chatty.

I always have this overwhelming desire to write about every little detail of the day, with many stream of consciousness detours…and all in one long post.  Which is blogger suicide.  But very fun to write. And very true to life.

This post is a case in point.  Although, I’m trying really hard to focus.

Answer #5: I can’t figure out how to make my blog more aesthetically pleasing.

Read: I don’t have enough time or will power or possibly the ability to figure out html.  And I know, because I’ve tried.  And failed.

So, where to go from here?  My domain name expires in 11 days.  Between now and then I have to decide if I’m going to rally my forces and make a more educated stab at being a “successful” blogger…or if I’m going to remain a happily random and obscure blogger without even a domain name.

Well, what would it take for me to overcome the above three obstacles?

#1: I’d have to become a niche blogger.

So what do you think is my best area? Is “motherhood” considered a niche?

And what do you prefer? A blogger who succeeds and has lots of tips, or one who is puzzled and feeling their way through?

#2: I’d have to get a new house.

Windows and sunlight.  Ahhhhh.  Well, we’re working on this one.  Finding a house with natural light in the main living area is actually a lot harder than you’d think.

#3: I’d have to either start bringing in money or go to counseling.

Or, when we move into our new house with it’s all-purpose family room, maybe I won’t feel like I’m shutting out the world when I sit down to write.

#4: I’d have to focus my posts.

Focusing posts = focusing brain.  Is this insurmountable?

#5: I’d have to pay someone to make my blog theme pretty.

And to do that, I’d have to have money.  Or a savvy friend willing to do it for free.

So, what do you think?  I have 11 days to decide.  The time is ticking…


8 thoughts on “The Future of this Blog

  1. it takes a lot to make a successful blog. Lots of committment, lots of time, and lots of learning. One doesn’t get a wide readership without making some heavy sacrifices. Unless you really go all the way, I don’t think its worth it. Have tried it myself and tasted the bitter fruit of failture many times.

    The options for self-expression are now in place for most people. You can go on facebook, or twitter and become an immediate presence. Just find your circle of friends and you have a ready made audience.

    but blogging … starting from scratch. That’s hard graft.

    making one last attempt myself 🙂

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve always thought it was very nicely done with really nice photos. If you decide to close this blog down… Would you consider writing on blogspot? Its Free!

  3. first of all, how does one go about making Money off of their blog? And second I would definetly say that your niche is motherhood, because thataft is what you do! I would say maybe make it a life experience type of thing. Like “this was our problem, this is what we did, this is why it worked/didn’t work then other people could say what worked or didn’t for them, etc. I have a a group of 12 moms who get together once a month to play bunco and we always end up talking about whatever has gone on in our mom lives that month. Their is always a potty conversation and this month there are several moms with baby boys (their other child/ren being girls) we were talking about the difference between potty training boys verses girls.
    anyways that is what I suggest.

  4. I really like reading your blog. I start every morning with it and my cup of tea or coffee. I would miss your blog very much. I also like the way you write your blog and think it can stay just the way it is and your photos are great and wonderful. So I repeat was has been said. PLEASE DON’T GO!!!!!!! And if you decide to start a free blog, could you tell us where so that we now where we can find you

  5. Would you believe it took me half an hour to figure out the right size of pictures to put in the side? Either I should do it less often or should do it more often. It’s a toss up. 🙂 (I did write down the correct size this time.)

  6. I’ll send you $15, keep it the way it is – even if not making money – we all love it! And the pics are great. Love all the gardening pics/info. Can’t cut out areas and focus – I think we all like all the areas discussed. Or as Grandma Ruby says “cussed and discussed”!!

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